Common mistakes Students makes while writing college assignment

Common mistakes Students makes while writing college assignments 

Most of the students face different problems in writing their college assignments. In about recent years  students have basically spent a lot of their time and efforts in learning English language and not only it's about learning, but also they have tremendously improve their reading skills enlarged their vocabulary. When it comes to writing, than Grammar is really an important aspect, as in all ways it helps in writing skills and also helps in future work and social interaction effectively, but now a day's improving students writing skills have become a major problem.

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So there are basically many of the different mistakes made by the students while preparing their college assignments. If it comes to name those different problems various separate columns can getdivided andif these kinds of topics are talked about regularly than it can take lectures after lectures to get these problems a better solution.Also an introduction to these mistakes will never come to an end, while writing assignments students usually don't remember to use paragraphs. As all writing based assignments are basically divided into number of paragraphs, assignments should comprise of paragraphs as it not only becomes ease for the reader toread or mark important lines or passages but also help in identifying important areas. And it also helps the reader to avoid wastage f time in searching the important lines, which can be easily done or could be finding in paragraphs with much more ease.

Incorrect referencing yet can be another costly mistake, by not paying attention to detail when referencing. It is of utmost important to know how referencing works and how can it be used in different ways.Ifyou take part in someone else's work and try to use it in your own assignment without referencing it, or might reference it in wrong way, than lot of marks can be deducted. As discussed above one should know an excellent way of using referencing, because it can make you lose a lot of marks if went wrong.

There are number of small errors that could bring big consequences that too can cost you a big lose as resulting it  in losing your few valuable marks. Most of the great mistakes have nothing to do with your argument, but with errors in structure and format.  Basically the errors are comprise of  different stages and that too at different levels of which students are not aware of the errors that they are making in their each paragraphs or might be in the referencing. Usually these small errors can bring back a lot of big consequences in your college assignments. Students should be made aware of the errors or mistakes they are regularly doing in their day to day assignments. By pointing out or marking those small errors and working on them not only solve those errors but also recognizing it so that this kind of useless error does not come their way of assignments.

After going through small errors one should keep in mind or get a recheck in their introduction and conclusion. When it comes to a good introduction or conclusion, which is pertinent for writing a good assignment. Most of the times often making conclusion, students hassle upas it is usually finished just at last moments of deadline. A conclusion should always summarize of all the things that are discussed in the whole assignment. Conclusion is very most important paragraph or end stage of the assignment that really focuses on your story part and most of the assignments are judged on the base the conclusion. One should never take a chance in rushing with the conclusion, because as discussed above,'A good conclusion will pertinent to a good assignment'.

Same goes with the introduction, as mostly introductions are framed by keeping in mind the basic assignment and its topic, but somehow equipment's or evidence or practically many things goes missing in introductory part as they somehow comes late in the assignment or basically assignments need all these things in the later half. But the introduction should never be boring or kind of miss these practical theories, introductory part should be well arranged and should cover all the basic areas of assignment because, it is the very first paragraph that kind of attract the reader to the topic or assignment. Introductory parts decides whether the reader is interested in  going further with your assignment or want to close  his reading with the introduction , introduction is the prior stage to attract  the reader  and it also supports your whole assignment .

Common mistakesof college assignments:

  • Formatting instruction: There are always some basic general rules that always apply in assignments like spacing, paragraphs, margins, length, fonts, and so on -in all kinds of assignments or syllabus. They probably goes like double space the paper or include page numbers, as per the requirement of the assignment, following these formatting instruction is likewise very easy and hence create your own college assignment which conveys all formatting instructions. 
  • Titles: when it comes to title or naming your assignment than it should not go by just writing "essay#1", no one will show any interest in looking for the assignments named as "essay#1". Title should the catchy one, which only in one time should catch the attention and attract the reader. So it should be a relevant one thatshould convey your assignment by just the name or title. "Expertsmind" will let you know more regarding titles, as they help in preparing academic and college assignments, as our writers create each assignment from scratch and deliver guaranteed solutions, helping in improving college and academic grade. 
  • Evidence: As alawyer would not come to the court without evidence likewise a writer can't prove anything without evidence otherwise the paper is just a bunch of waste, which isn't proof. So be sure to pick the evidence with the right source and use them carefully and be sure that the evidence is actual demonstration of the proof. These evidences can make your assignment far better and presentable in front of the audience, so being aware of the evidence that basically suits your assignments can make your assignment an innovative one. 
  • Quotes: They arethe one that introduced and connected to the content, there are many ways to do it. Quotes should never be the one that stand alone in the sentences. They should function as the way of saying by the other, in relate to the assignment or the topic. 
  • Grammatical mistakes: It will never matter how brilliantly the content of your assignment is but somehow if the grammatical mistakes have covered your content than that will sink your assignment. There are basically some grammatical mistakes that come over and over again, which needs to be replaced by correct grammar. So there are various grammar mistakes that need to be looked ahead and finding the way to correct it. Some of the students are confused regarding words that sounds like the same but are spelled very differently, keeping in mind those words. While doing assignment one should never get confused, because these sentences cost muchbigger problems after wards. Students should be aware of these kinds of problems in making sentences. 
  • Repeating: Students often repeat some sentences to cover the assignment with words but that is not the correct way to complete your assignment. It seems really boring to the reader to read the same line in different paragraphs that will also cost you to lose your precious marks that is not the way to present the assignment. Some of them try to repeat the introduction in the conclusion that too seems to be boring and not so catchy. Avoid such mistakes that could bring a lot of cost to your assignment. The last paragraph of the assignment suggest real progress that has been made throughout the assignment, and if that goeson repeat than it's really a disaster for the assignment. While it may be very hard to think of something new after reaching the conclusion as it leaves with no ideas. For such mistakes you need to take the topic in another direction, try to have additional ideas or end with some good quote or kind of raise questions regarding the topic or add an image, need to do something interesting try and add different things that is relevant and that is how conclusions will be formed. 
  • Extra points : Students often try things that can make their assignment far better by adding some extra things to it, but the main problem is faced by adding something extra that goes up ending very few, as just focusing on extra additional things end up misplacing the real points. Keeping in mind the real ideas and then adding the extra points can get you a good assignment with lots of relevant things, but beforeadding something extra,students' needs to focus on the actual points that are compulsory in the assignments. Afterthat they can prepare for the additional lines or points, to make the assignment a bit catchy one. 
  • Spellings: spellings are major mistakes made by students in their assignments but it can be easily avoidable by the use of spell checker or by checking it online or may be with dictionary. With many other programmers they can get resolved easily without many efforts as it is easy to find such spellings mistakes without having any bigger problem such mistakes can be get corrected easily. 
  • Languages: while writing academic assignment, students' needs to be formal and must avoid informal or personal pronouns, as language reflects once personality so it needs to be perfect in your assignments. Informal ways of writing should be avoid, it should be all in formal, academic language. Assignments are basically all about the presentation and the way it has been conversational to the audience so language plays a vital role in presenting the assignment, as it shows the connection between the audience and the presentation, one needs to avoid such informal ways to present the assignment. 
  • Unclear statements: Some of the students try to broad the statement in the unclear way that results in unapproved assignments and hence all goes wrong, so one needs to make clear statements and try to make narrow and simple statements. The narrow statements help in defining the topic clearly and making it easier to remember and it shows relevant ways to write about. 

If the assignments have problems related to different kind of mistakes than all it need is focusing and defining your assignment with correct words and images. And different equipment's used properly in a relevant way so that assignment all goes well without any errors or mistakes or any barrier that occurs while completing the assignment.We just need to cover all the important points that help in presenting the assignment effectively.Alsowe can get you to experts to find a better way to resolve your problems regarding assignments. "Experts mind "are way better helpers in assisting you in writing effectives, formatting, editing, referencing , essay, research and thesis. 


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