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Engineering field is one of the most demanded, virtuous, estimable, and high employment giving professions; loaded with career growth opportunities. The disciple of engineering is the application of science and mathematics encompasses practical approach in order to implement, design, build, production, machines, processes and maintenances.

Engineering field is ever-growing and leading golden future which has become first choice among the students. As a matter of fact, engineering stream is very tough to handle still its importance in our society helps to keep itself on top successfully. Engineering field fills the color in this well known an old adage "Necessity is the mother of the invention" that indicates the need of society which is fulfilled by our engineers.

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The importances of engineering studies are:

Ø Adopt innovative approach to design devices which optimize the use of time and effort.

Ø Helps to minimize human efforts and their involvement

Ø High salary package in earning point of view

Ø Gives many technologies to ease our day to day life activities

Ø Various inventions which helps to recover from deadly diseases etc.

The bottom line is engineering field is not only crucial area of profession but also a high demanding job profile.

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Students who are willing to become an engineer have to choose engineering stream in certain field of specialization like mechanical, computer, chemical, electrical, instruments, civil, mining, information technology, electronics and communication etc. The pupil of engineering receives much homework in duration of course which has to complete in certain time frame. It is bitter pill to swallow that students feel nervous and headache since they receive engineering homework from their university or college. Lack of knowledge about concepts, theorems, not good in calculation skills, unable to collect required details to accomplish the homework, lack of hands-on experience on software based homework work etc are some problems which students feel.

Importance of engineering homework

Doing homework has its own importance. Homework is given to students to check and evaluate the understanding and enhance the knowledge of the subject. Time to time giving homework to students help them to maintain the focus, get in touch with the subject and increase the capability of learning. This homework has to complete in limited time frame which improves their practical skills using the time management. Students has to deal decisively with homework which is like taking bull by the horns that should be handled properly as per given instructions only.

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