Homes schooling is best choice for students

Homes schooling is best choice for students

Education is a must as it allows you to think independently. Being a prepper you want your children to be mentally dexterous to take on any challenges the world will bring. If you are a prepper then you may be moving around. As the saying goes "movement is life." I provide a prepper's guide to on the Go Home Schooling with insights and various approaches.

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Homeschooling laws
A disaster or temporary downing of government institutions may make homeschooling your children the only option. If you are going to start before that happens, then getting acquainted with the laws of your area is a must. Laws vary depending on where you live and range from no over sight to heavy oversight.

In the United States homeschooling is legal in all states under Federal Law. However the regulations and oversight varies by state as stated by the Coalition for Responsible Education. Many states in the Midwest do not require oversight from government bodies to homeschool a child.

A few of these states include: Texas, Idaho and Oklahoma. This contrasts with states in the northeast that require heavy state board oversight such as New York. Be aware, outside of the US, homeschooling may be prohibited.

If you expect to be on the go during an emergency then learn about the laws in the area you will pass through ahead of time.

Homeschooling Methods
How do you know what is best for your children? What are their specific needs from an educational program?

Homeschooling can be a great program to help your child learn in ways they could not in state institutions. Some children learn asymmetrically, that is strong in one area weak in others. A program can easily be built to focus on strengthening the weaker area.

1.Traditional Homeschooling
This is where you use the school curriculum that'\ iss already provided to teach your child. It already provides a list of books and material you can acquire to teach accordingly. Get a school syllabus and the prescribed materials and you can start teaching or scheduling assignments.

2.Montessori Method
This is a method of homeschooling that was pioneered in the early 1900's by a Dr. Maria Montessori. This method is targeted at children throughout pre-school. The core idea behind this method is that learning is best when it is explorative and that providing the environment where your children can choose what to learn will get the best outcome.

This learning method is less about teaching ABC and more about having children use their creative intelligence. Your children will learn their ABC's and such by engaging in the activities in the material. The learning outcome happens to be consistently positive and the method has found much mainstream appeal.

You may be very interested in this method however the drawback is the cost. You may find yourself spending too much on the material. If you do want to then you can find the material at Montessori Homeschooling Curriculum.

3.Charlotte Mason Method
This method of homeschooling incorporates the Traditional core subjects along with artistic endeavors. It targets Kindergarten through grades 12. Your child will learn the essentials such as Math, English and Science but will also use their time to learn humanities such as classic literature, fine arts and music.

This approach also focuses on instilling core values, discipline and self-mastery to make your child a well-rounded individual. Go to Ambleside Online to find syllabi you can use.

4.Classical Education Method
This looks at the education using the trivium model. The trivium model stresses memorization (of facts) in grade school, Analytical Thinking in Middle School, and abstract thinking in high school.

It is a great method to use for your child as it is time tested and well thought out. It also incorporates Christian values along with western art, philosophy and languages. So, if this method sounds interesting then do look up materials for it at the Well Trained Mind.

Eclectic Method: Ideal for on the Go
Ideally when schooling on the go you would want to have a method that is material light, has an exploratory nature, imparts a lot of knowledge, fosters critical thinking and incorporate positive values. Therefore, the best approach for moving on the go would be the Eclectic method as it does just that.

When you use this method on your child they will learn in a very well rounded fashion at their own pace. A prepper that is constantly on the move would be able to use this method to get the best result. The best thing about it is that it is among the least expensive methods. Find it at Time 4 Learning.

Final Thoughts
Whatever Method you intend to use it is important to learn what each entails. It is also important to learn whether or not each method requires oversight and if so how much. Choose whatever method suits you best and be prepared for what the future has to offer.


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