Improving your assignment writing skills

Improving your assignment writing skills

Developing writing skills is a step by step process. It is not developed in one day. For example, it's just like preparing dishes which is not mastered in one day. First and foremost requirement for developing writing skills is that a person should have interest in it because if we don't have interest in something it is very difficult for it to learn. If we have interest we can explore more in the area. We have to be clear about what we have to write because if our thoughts are not clear we will not be able to express what we are trying to say. To make the reader understand what we want to share with them we should be clear about what we are trying to say.

Word is considered the smallest unit in language. So we can start by words. Try to learn new words. Understand their meaning. Then try to frame small sentences which have a meaning. We should also have conversation in English so that our basic grammar is checked from time to time. Conversation helps us to speak correctly which improves writing also. But sometimes we use a word which we use in daily life from other language like Hindi in English directly which destroys the taste of language and spoils it too. So sometimes it is acceptable but using too much of it might create problems. So we should avoid using these types of transformations. One more thing to keep in mind is we should not over explain everything because it creates unnecessary confusion of thoughts which make the writer more confused about what he has to say actually. Another thing is that one should have a circle of friends who have interest in writing because when we have like mind people around it helps us to boost our interest and we are more attracted towards it. We can have a talk over different aspects of the common interest points, in our case its writing. Also we can join classes where people are encouraged to write because these classes have expert faculties in writing who can guide us about how to write.

We should also develop the practice of reading novels because it creates interest in reading as well as writing. And once we gain interest in this its sure it will always increase because by reading more of these we identify our area of liking like fiction, poetry, comedy, drama etc. We should decide one area which attracts us because reading novels of particular type will help us to make a command in our writing.

Again, if we should accept that expertise is not gained on first day only so we have to practice each day with more zeal, enthusiasm to improve our writing. We have to work on our basic grammar, our spoken English too. We should watch audio visual CD's to understand different aspects because it is said that visuals help more than then just hearing. What we are writing our personality reflects in that.

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