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Physiology is the science of how human body works and how they can adapt with changing environment conditions. In Physiology, the study of ailment is done to understand how human body can be diagnosed, treated and healed by the using of medical science. In the study of Physiology, students learn and get experience to handle the situations.

Technically Physiology term is refers to a branch of science which deals with the scientific study of life supporting processes and their functions of living organisms. Physiology is a vast field which is further classified in many sub-parts which are given below:

  • Animal Physiology including humans
  • Plants Physiology
  • Cellular Physiology
  • Microbial Physiology
  • Bacterial Physiology
  • Viral Physiology
  • Defense Physiology
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Insect Physiology
  • Applied Physiology

The aim of physiology is to understand and explore how the livings organisms work and how they can aid the treatment of diseases. Basically Physiology is the study of normal mechanisms and interaction of living system in which vital functions, development including growth, absorption of nutrition, and synthesis of protein etc are carried out to understand the function of living system. A branch of science named Physiology is used to understand the various functions of living systems such as:

  • Study of growth and development of organs
  • Synthesis of protein
  • Distribution of protein
  • Synthesis and distribution of various molecules,
  • Function of different tissues, organs and other structures
  • Absorption of nutrition
  • Processing of nutrition etc.

Physiology is a sub-discipline of Biology which focuses on working of organism, systems, organs, and cells to understand how chemical or physical activities or functions are carried out in a living organism.

Looking for physiology homework help 

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